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Dr. Javier Carrete is at the forefront of his profession. He is a pioneer in the use of bone regeneration techniques. His curiosity and high standards drive his commitment to ongoing professional development.


The same is true of the professionals who work alongside him in his dentistry practice and the equipment used by the Institute in its work.



No one who is planning to operate on a gall bladder or hip would do so without first conducting a prior analysis and other complementary diagnostic tests. But it is not uncommon for us to try to save ourselves the trouble and expense when dealing with a trusted dentist.


‘We require a pre-assessment, just like any other surgery,’ states Dr. Javier Carrete. ‘It is essential to determine the condition of the patient’s bones and gums before taking steps to resolve the problem facing us, however simple it may be.’


The pre-assessment includes simple tests, a blood test, a scan, photographs and making a study model. Investing a little time and money in these tests prevents future problems and complications. Why not do it right?

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