Implantology represents a decisive development in dental medicine. Implants can be placed even in extreme cases of bone and gum deterioration. This surgical alternative allows us to replace loose teeth or even make removable dentures permanent.

What is an implant?

Dental implants are artificial titanium roots which are inserted into the bone. They replace the natural root and act as a base for anchoring individual teeth or a replacement prosthesis (partial or complete).


As titanium is biocompatible, implants offer both functionality and aesthetics. Once they have been placed, their appearance is virtually identical to natural teeth.


The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología uses implants from Spanish firm BTI, a global leader in this field, offering one of the best ranges of solutions.

Implants in cases of bone insufficiency

Sometimes there is a lack of bone in all or part of the jaw, making it difficult to place implants. However, implants are also possible in such cases, with bone graft surgery or other techniques.


Autografts, also known as autologous grafts, are transplants between two areas of the same individual. They do not result in tissue compatibility issues. The bone is extracted from the patient’s own body in a safe and minimally invasive way.


Today, autologous bone is the only source of osteogenic (bone-producing) cells. As a result, it is the leading treatment for bone reconstructions inside the oral cavity.


Dr. Javier Carrete was one of the first dental surgeons to place implants in cases of bone insufficiency and the first to use growth factors (PRGF) to accelerate the process and improve results.


Bone and gum grafts

When a tooth has been missing for some time, it is common for the bone which previously held it to have decreased considerably in height and even width.


In this case, it is necessary to employ bone graft solutions before placing the implant.

Teeth the same day

People with no teeth or whose teeth are in poor condition have the opportunity to solve their problem in just one day.


Among the specialities at Dr. Javier Carrete’s Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología is placement of a permanent prosthesis (implants or dentures) during the same visit, a technique that combines placement of titanium implants and fixed prostheses.


The main advantage is that the patient does not have to wear temporary removable dentures, with the functional and cosmetic problems this entails.


It is a permanent solution, with excellent cosmetic results, making it possible to have dental function similar to that provided by natural teeth.

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