Cosmetic restorative dentistry

The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología offer cosmetic restorative treatments to maintain the heath and natural appearance of your teeth, ranging from cleaning to tooth whitening, including closing gaps between teeth (diastemas).


Facial harmony and balance are achieved through the proper composition of the different parts, especially the mouth. Seeking this harmonious whole is the aim: improving appearance without losing sight of balance and proportions.


Tooth decay is a disease that destroys the hard tissue of the tooth and can even reach the dental pulp. When bacteria attack and begin to destroy the tooth, they cause a drop in the pH level, which affects the surface enamel and ultimately dissolves it.


Not everyone has the some propensity for tooth decay. This disease sometimes reflects a genetic pattern. As a result, even if they eat the same foods, some people have a greater tendency to develop cavities. Optimal oral hygiene is the best method of prevention and control for everyone.


The dental treatment for cavities is fillings. After removing the unhealthy tissue and disinfecting all areas in contact with the bacteria, the tooth must be restored anatomically. To do this, we can use compound or composite resins (the most common today), porcelain, glass derivatives and even gold.


If the destruction caused by the decay is extensive, it will be necessary to reconstruct the tooth using inlays, crowns or veneers.


In order to keep your teeth in perfect condition, it is essential to have periodic check-ups and, if necessary, immediately deal with any problem that may emerge (tooth decay, tartar, stains or changes in the chewing function).


Inlays are used to restore small or medium-sized cavities in the rear teeth, or to repair cracked or fractured teeth, provided that the damage is not so great that it requires a crown or full cap.


Inlays can be porcelain or composite resin. Because they imitate the colour of the natural tooth, they are an ideal solution for replacing silver amalgam fillings. They also help eliminate tooth sensitivity and are virtually invisible.

Full crowns

When a large part of the bone structure has been lost or the damaged tooth can barely support additional fillings and runs the risk of cracking, it is advisable to cover the tooth with a crown.


This aesthetic treatment totally replaces the visible portion of the diseased tooth. Once the tooth has been drilled, it is covered with a porcelain crown identical to the original tooth, protecting and preserving it.


Veneers are a cosmetic option suitable for improving various aspects of the tooth such as shape, colour and position. They are very thin sheets which are placed on top of the tooth. This is the ideal treatment for dental resurfacing: it corrects the wear which time and various problems produce in our smile.


Veneers are generally made out of porcelain, a material that is as strong and durable as natural enamel. Each veneer is made by hand to give it the form and characteristics of a natural tooth. The Instituto de Cirugía Oral also does composite and/or compound resin veneers, an alternative known as bonding. This makes it possible to place the veneer without drilling the tooth, making it completely non-invasive, as the natural tooth is not altered. This procedure has the advantage of being a reversible solution.

What is an implant?

This treatment changes the colour of one or more teeth using whitening agents: oxygen releasing gels that lighten the pigmentation of the teeth without having a significant effect on the tissue, in other words, the outer enamel and inner dentine.


There are different whitening techniques. The most common uses light to activate the whitening agents, while others utilize mouthguards (flexible plastic devices). However, all of them are effective and work well.


How much the teeth are whitened depends on each individual case and the initial colour of the patient’s teeth.

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