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The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología has a high public profile

The medical and health care team at the Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología makes every effort to keep up-to-date and incorporate innovations which emerge in their respective specialities. The spirit of leadership is the foundation of the practice’s public profile, which is often focused on the head of this oral and facial medical and cosmetic facility, Dr. Javier Carrete.

A pioneer in biomedical research with extensive experience in implantology and oral surgery, Javier Carrete regularly publishes scientific articles in various industry publications and has spoken at a number of regional and national implantology conferences. He is also a member of several oral surgery societies in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.




The site presents the practice’s services in a simple and attractive way and allows visitors to request an appointment online

The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología, directed by Dr. Javier Carrete, has just updated its website. Visitors to will be able consult the services offered by the institute, learn more about its professional staff and request an appointment online.

The site is both rigorously professional and highly informative, making the A Coruña clinic’s full range of offerings available on the Internet. This allows anybody, regardless of where they are located, to make an informed decision about placing him or herself in the hands of the institute’s professionals.

With an original and innovative appearance, the site presents the work and resources of the clinic headed by Dr. Carrete in an attractive and straightforward way. Internet users can access detailed explanations of each of the techniques used by the facility to offer its patients custom solutions.




97% of patients are able to receive new permanent teeth using this technique

A lack of teeth or missing teeth is a problem that is easy to fix thanks to implants. Close to 97% of the population can receive this type of fixed, permanent teeth, making it possible to reconstruct all or part of the person’s teeth.

The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología specializes in implant placement for complex cases. When a tooth has been missing for some time, it is common for the bone to have decreased considerably. In this case, it is necessary to employ a bone graft before placing the implant.

In all operations of this type, Dr. Carrete’s practice uses growth factors, a product obtained from the patient’s own blood which speeds up regeneration. This simple, painless procedure reduces the wait time for placement of prostheses on the implants by 50%.

Growth factors are proteins which make it possible to regenerate bones and soft tissues in record time. They are extracted from the blood and once activated, they promote bone synthesis and tissue repair in the areas that have been operated on. Their use not only shortens healing time, but also reduces the risk of infection, limiting the need to use antibiotics. As this is an organic product extracted from the patient, there are no rejection issues or adverse reactions of any kind.




Microinjections of growth factors enable the area around the mouth to recover the appearance it should never have lost


Dr. Javier Carrete was one of the first Galician specialists to take advantage of the benefits of growth factors (PRGF) in implantology and oral surgery on a daily basis. Obtained from the patient’s own blood, growth factors are 100% biocompatible products which accelerate the regeneration of bone and soft tissue, reducing healing time by up to 50%. They also strengthen cell junctions and minimize the risk of infection.

But the mouth is not everything. Dr. Javier Carrete has extended treatment using PRGF to the entire area around the mouth, including the cheeks and chin: what is known as the perioral region. The idea is simple. ‘If we work to improve the mouth,’ says Dr. Carrete, ‘it makes sense for the area framing it to match.’

According to Dr. Carrete, deterioration of the teeth and aging of the skin around the mouth are very often the result of bad habits such as smoking and prolonged exposure to the sun. Superficial microinjections of growth factors are an ideal solution. In fact, they are now considered a revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry and facial cosmetic treatments.

Microinjections of growth factors enable the area around the mouth to recover the appearance it should never have lost, by reactivating fibroblasts, acting as a catalyst which speeds up regeneration.




This bioadaptive palate plate with suspended teeth is attached using a small magnetic implant

Dr. Javier Carrete has developed an exclusive temporary dental prosthesis for use during extended implant placement processes. Called the Temporary Magnetic Prosthesis (TMP), it is designed for patients who are having their upper teeth reconstructed with bone grafts, grafts that will then make it possible to insert implants, and lastly, attach the permanent teeth.

It is intended to alleviate the physical and psychological consequences of undergoing surgery of this kind, a process which can take more than a year to complete.

The TMP is a bioadaptive palate plate with suspended teeth which is held in place inside the oral cavity by a small implant. This is the major improvement of the prosthesis designed by Dr. Carrete. The teeth are functional, allowing the patient to carry on a virtually normal life, while at the same time helping protect the treated area so that the grafts bond and attach.

Current implantology techniques make it possible to place fixed, permanent prosthetics in almost all cases. Implants are viable in approximately 97% of patients suffering from the loss of multiple teeth or their entire set of teeth. However, specialists sometimes find that the gums have deteriorated significantly or there is not enough bone. In these situations, it is necessary to undergo a reconstruction process before placing the implants. And it is precisely this procedure that is the speciality of Dr. Javier Carrete’s clinic.




An option for anyone who is not satisfied with the colour of their teeth


Tooth whitening is not a technique reserved for stars of the silver screen: it is an affordable option for anyone who is not satisfied with the colour of their teeth and wants to lighten them.

Results of the procedure vary from patient to patient, because teeth naturally have a number of shades, ranging from greyish-brown to yellow, and even reddish. The end result of the whitening will always depend on the starting colour.

As Dr. Javier Carrete says, the appearance of our teeth should match our complexion and physical features. ‘We always strive for harmony between the patient’s smile and their face. Teeth should not attract attention; they should be natural, highlighting our appearance without particularly standing out.’ Therefore, it is impossible, at least initially, to guarantee a bright white, and especially, permanent result.

Whitening is a simple, painless technique and highly effective, but it does not last forever. It does not damage the enamel or wear down our teeth. It can therefore be repeated periodically. ‘We have methods, some preventive, to avoid any sensitization problems.’




Growth factors offer surprising results in healing chronic sores and surgical incisions

The use of growth factors (PRGF), a common procedure in oral implantology, has shown itself it be effective in other areas of medicine. The results in healing chronic ulcerations and surgical incisions are surprising, as it is a natural solution. Their use in the field of cosmetic medicine is more recent.

Skin injections of PRGF (proteins obtained from the patient’s blood which, when applied to the affected area, activate tissue regeneration) produce excellent results as a regenerating treatment and endogenous stimulator of skin aged by time and overexposure to the sun, losing its vitality. ‘It improves the appearance of the skin because it stimulates the organism to recover what it had before being damaged,’ comments the director of the Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología in A Coruña, Dr. Javier Carrete, an expert in their use. Dr. Carrete is also a member of the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) in Vitoria, which, under the direction of Dr. Eduardo Anitua, patented this type of process years ago. ‘Compared to other, more aggressive, treatments, applying growth factors to those fine lines around the mouth stimulates the fibroblasts (the skin’s natural tensors) and give the area a more youthful appearance.’

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