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Your smile is why we are here

The Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología offers the full range of treatments medical science has to offer in order to care for, transform and improve your oral and facial health and appearance.


Striving for excellence. We know that each case is different and requires an individual approach. We believe in first studying the patient’s needs and then finding a solution tailored to those requirements. Our team has all the necessary training and resources to achieve optimal results. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


We specialize in the most advanced techniques.

  • PRGF. Growth factors to accelerate bone and maximillary tissue  regeneration. Also used for facial cosmetic procedures (rejuvenation), sores and healing.
  • Waking sedation and CAD/CAM prosthesis design services.
  • Placement of implants and permanent teeth in a single session.
  • Cosmetic reconstruction treatments: veneers, crowns, root canal treatments, orthodontics, wisdom teeth surgery, tooth whitening and more.


Highly respected professionals. Dr. Javier Carrete’s reputation precedes him. He has worked exclusively in the field of oral surgery and implantology for twenty-five years. For over a decade, he has been associated with the BTI (Biotechnology Institute), headquartered in Vitoria. He is part of a core group of leading researchers who are pioneers in the development of oral and maxillofacial implantology and regenerative medicine. Dr. Carrete pioneered the use of PRGF in Galicia.


As medical director of the Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología in A Coruña, Dr. Javier Carrete leads a team of specialists in oral medicine, Orthodontics, Oral Surgery, Implantology, Asthetics and Hygiene, whose goal is no other than to offer our patients comprehensive care.


Comfort and conscientious care. Cutting-edge technology, functional layout, optimized space and comfort: these are the concepts that define the facilities at the Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología. Located at Avenida de Rubine, número 6 in A Coruña, our practice reflects a management model which combines quality service with personalized care, under the leadership of Dr. Carrete. Skilled work need not conflict with courtesy, comfort and conscientious care.


Leading hospital. Instituto de Cirugía Oral e Implantología users also benefit from our association with A Coruña’s Hospital Modelo, a leading medical facility. The two institutions have a partnership agreement in place for difficult cases which require a hospital-level diagnostic or surgical procedure.

Clínica Javier Carrete - La Coruña - RS C-15-002809

Clínica Javier Carrete, dedicated to dental care and health, would like to present its new facilities, with a highly accessible ground floor location in Avenida Rubine, situated in the centre of A Coruña.


Our clinic, equipped with the most innovative professional equipment, is the perfect complement to the confidence and security our more than twenty years’ experience provide: modernity and know-how, working hand in hand.

All of the professionals on our clinic staff have extensive training in the latest treatments in the fields of aesthetics, orthodontics and implantology, as well as all standard procedures.

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To make an appointment, just call us on (0034) 981 25 17 15 or complete our contact form.

Clínica Javier Carrete
Avenida de Rubine, 6
15004 A Coruña A Coruña
Teléfono: 98 125 17 15 98 125 17 15
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Dirección / Adress;

Clínica Carrete

Avenida Rubine, 6

15004 A coruña


Tel.; 98 125 17 15




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09:30 - 13:30 // 16:00 - 20:00

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